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      32” CCD Photographic Cutting Machine


      32” CCD Photographic Cutting Machine

      (1) CCD automatic alignment system, fast and high precision positioning;

      (2) Identifying the location reference point, the offset of the measured item in the XYθdirection is calculated, and automatically controls the amount of movement when the moving platform moves in reverse, correct the position of the measured item, realized accurate automatic positioning;

      (3) Using the advanced Auto-Calibration algorithm, the system can automatically detect the location of the camera no matter the orientation, tilt Angle, visual field change, etc.;

      Technical Parameters:

      Max. Cutting Size730mm*580mm
      Cutting Speed12pcs/Min  (5s/pcs)
      Cutting Precision±0.1mm
      Raw material supply at one time2000pcs
      Power SupplyThree Phase 220V  8KW
      Machine SizeL 4200mm*W 2400mm*H 2030mm
      Machine WeightAbout 5 tons

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