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      Roll Sheet Cleaning Machine


      Roll Sheet Cleaning Machine

      (1) Mainly aimed at cleaning the fine dust and foreign matter on the optical diaphragm and light guide plate. It has the functions of dust removal and electrostatic removal. It is the most suitable machine for displaying optical products;

      (2) The material is transported through the feeding conveyor belt, and the foreign matter on the material is adsorbed onto the roller by 4 silica gel rollers of special polymer material RTV, and the foreign matter on the 4 silica gel rollers is taken away by the upper and lower two sticky paper rolls. After the material passes through the roller, it is sent out through the discharging conveyor belt;

      (3) The machine has the functions of speed control, direction conversion, etc., which can be designed and customized in detacils according to customer requirements;

      Technical Parameters:




      Material Size1300mm*800mm1500mm*800mm1800mm*800mm2000mm*800mm
      Cleaning Speed0-600mm/sec0-600mm/sec0-600mm/sec0-600mm/sec
      Conveyor belt width1465mm1665mm1965mm2165mm
      Power SupplyOne Phase 220V  One Phase 220V One Phase 220V One Phase 220V 
      Machine SizeL 1557mm*W 1660mm*H 680mmL 1557mm*W 1860mm*H 680mmL 1557mm*W 2160mm*H 680mmL 1557mm*W 2360mm*H 680mm
      Machine Weight       About 0.2 tonsAbout 0.2 tonsAbout 0.2 tonsAbout 0.2 tons

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