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      32” Diffusion Film Printing Machine


      32” Diffusion Film Printing Machine

      (1) This machine uses touch screen control, easy to operate and use, realize the whole process digital control;

      (2) This machine can set the printing speed at will, calculate the number of printing sheets, and set the number of automatically stop;

      (3) This machine uses precise linear slide rail that adopted to ensure the high precision of mechanical movement;

      (4) This machine uses servomotor to control the movement of the scraper and the return ink knife and the movement of the material, the printing and ink return speed can be adjusted in different sections and set with specific data at will. The EPC adjusting device is convenient for debugging the machine, and ensures the stability of printing quality and the consistency of material moving direction;

      (5) Adjustable mesh frame positioning (Max. adjustable value ±10mm);

      (6) Large area touch screen control printing head, easy to load and unload and clean screen plate, screen plate and scraper maintenance;

      Technical Parameters:

      Max. Printing Size730mm*580mm
      Printing Speed24pcs/Min  (2.5s/pcs)
      Printing Precision±0.1mm
      Printing Pressure0-60kgf
      Plate Max. Size 1200mm*1500mm
      Power SupplyThree Phase 220V  1.5KW
      Machine SizeL 3330mm*W 1500mm*H 2030mm
      Machine WeightAbout 1.5 tons

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