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      JJ320 High-speed Die-cutting Machine


      JJ320 High-speed Die-cutting Machine

      (1) This is a kind of flat-bed die-cutting machine with high precision, material-going is controlled by servo motor from Japan YASKAWA. The three photoelectric eyes do the web guiding job;

      (2) Laminating/Cutting/Waste Rewinding and Rewinding can be finished in one process;

      (3) The machine is applicable for various insulating materials such as electronic shield materials, PVC, film, Mylar, copper foil, aluminum foil, foam, etc. 

      Technical Parameters:

      Max. Web Width320mm
      Max. Cutting Size300mm*300mm
      Speed25000 times/Hour
      Cutting Precision±0.05mm          
      Machine WeightAbout 2.5 tons

      Optional Accessories:

      (1) Laminating Device      (2) Hot-stamping Device     (3) Second Die-cutting 

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