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      JJ320 Letterpress Semi-Rotary Printing Machine


      JJ320 Letterpress Semi-Rotary Printing Machine

      (1)Use England TRIO control system, together with CPU via DOS system to control the servo motors, which ensure the machine with high responding, accurate towing, easy operating and safe running;

      (2)Adopt paper reciprocating mode, one printing cylinder could do the job regardless the repeat size;

      (3)Each unit can work independently, which enhance the production efficiency greatly;

      (4)Web-guide system can solve the problem of material’s snake shape, and make the printing more stable;  

      (5)Optimization of ink roller with good transferring ink system that supply of ink will change proportionally with the speed of the machine. Which can effectively prevent the ink bar marking and ghosting image, to make prints better;

      Technical Parameters:

      Printing Speed

      30-200 times/Minute,12000 times/Hour

      Print Color1-8 Colors

      Printing Material Thickness

      Max. Printing Size (Intermittent)300mm*350mm
      Max. Printing Size (Full Rotary)300mm*408mm
      Min. Printing Size (Intermittent)50mm*30mm

      Max. Printing Width

      Max. Web Width320mm
      Max. Unwinding Diameter800mm
      Max. Rewinding Diameter800mm
      Max. Pull Paper350mm
      Min. Pull Paper30mm
      Precision of First and Second Print±0.05mm

      Power Supply

      Three Phase 220V (UV is 380V)
      Total Power50KW(with Regular UV) / 30KW(with LED UV)
      Main Machine SizeL 5200mm*W 1620mm*H 1680mm
      Main Machine WeightAbout 6 tons

      Optional Accessories:


      (1)Rotary Die-cutting Device


      (2)Flexo UV Varnish


      (3)Delam / Relam Unit

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