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      JJ380 Waterless Offset Intermittent Printing Machine


      JJ380 Waterless Offset Intermittent Printing Machine (Waterless Offset + Letterpress Printing)

      Domestic Exclusive Waterless Offset Printing Technology.

      (1)Adopt waterless (dry) offset, there is no need to control the balance of water and ink. Make the color more bright and stable, even stop-start machine. Dot clear, Non-defrmation. This is the most ideal choice for printing factory;

      (2)This machine can do waterless offset printing and letterpress printing at the same time, not only directly increase production efficiency, but also save the cost of purchasing machine;

      (3)Using the latest motion control system from Japan Yaskawa, overprint will not change little when increase or slow down the speed, start or stop machine;

      (4)Intelligent positioning system, registration system, transferring ink system, lubricating system, effectively improved the quality and productivity of printing products;

      (5)Can add optional accessories such as corona unit, rotary die-cutting device, and cold-foil stamping based on demand.

       Technical Parameters:

      Printing Speed30-170 times/Minute,10000 times/Hour
      Print Color1-8 Colors
      Max. Printing Size360mm*290mm
      Max. Printing Width360mm
      Max. Web Width380mm
      Max. Unwinding Diameter800mm
      Max. Rewinding Diameter800mm
      Max. Pull Paper300mm
      Min. Pull Paper80mm
      Precision of First and Second Print±0.05mm
      Power SupplyThree Phase 220V (UV is 380V)
      Total Power70KW(with Regular UV) / 44KW(with LED UV)
      Main Machine SizeL 8000mm*W 1600mm*H 1700mm
      Main Machine WeightAbout 10 tons


      Optional Accessories:


      (1)Corona Device


      (2)Rotary-cutting Device


      (3)Cold-foil Stamping

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