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      JJ320 Full Automatic High-speed Screen Printing Machine


      JJ320 Full Automatic High-speed Screen Printing Machine

      (1) Controlled by full automatic servo motor, adjusting printing position by auto sensors system;

      (2) Tension controller and the brake make the conveying exactly;

      (3) Over printing for more colors, it can print 5C-8C too. This model has 1C and 2C;

      (4) Micro adjusting meter for frame adjusting automatically;

      (5) Hot infrared air dryer or UV dryer, make the any kind ink dry enough;  

      (6) Free set up the printing times and the carry times on electronic touch screen;

      (7) Most core parts import from Taiwan & Japan;

      Technical Parameters:

      Max. Web Width320mm
      Max. Printing Size300mm*380mm

      Printing Speed

      0-7000 times/Hour

      Precision of First and Second Print


      Main Machine Power SupplyOne Phase 220V/50Hz

      Main Machine Power

      Air Pressure0.5Mpa-0.6Mpa
      UV Power SupplyThree Phase 380V/50Hz
      UV Power5KW
      Main Machine Installation SizeL 4950mm*W 1220mm*H 2200mm
      Main Machine WeightAbout 2.3 tons

      Optional Accessories:


      Hot Infrared Air Dryer

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